Theater director, member of the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation (All-Russian Theater Society, since 1877), member of the Guild of Theater Directors of Russia.

"What am I trying to do in theater? The combination of the mystical and the real. Mystical, whatever strange, terrible, or even cruel, is still a dream, it is idealization. And I want to add to the theater the air that left it, unfortunately, now. I want something more than what surrounds us every day. I want to look at the world from different angles.

I want to create worlds"

Oksana Glazunova (interview)


Oksana Glazunova has a special talent-to feel the soul of the author of the work that she staging. The Director is convinced that "the author either allows you the performance staging, or not" A distinctive feature of Glazunova's directorial work is the multi-dimensionality of meanings in her works.

Youth Express Magazine

"I would say that theater is a god. Which happens to be very gracious, but it can be very demanding".

Oksana Glazunova (interview)

"Cross-Examination" program

It should be noted that the performances of “Theater 31” are also special in that they are staged based on plays that do not go anywhere else in Russia. The exception, perhaps, is the “Scream” of Tennessee Williams, but even here, “Theater 31” remains the primacy.

Newspaper "Theater Courier"

“Every time a performance is performed based on the play of any classic, his thoughts and feelings come to life on the stage - part of his soul. Why not evoke spirits? A theater is a mysterious world where all the most beautiful and terrible, all true lives”.

Oksana Glazunova (interview)

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