"Артемида с ланью" В. Леванов
"Артемида с ланью" В. Леванов
"Артемида с ланью" В. Леванов



Vadim Levanov (verses from ancient authors used in the play)

Nostalgic grotesque on the theme of the 90s in Russia.


A play based on a play by a contemporary Russian playwright, already recognized as a classic.


Lonely Andrey Pavlovich Bibikov, a strange philologist and idealist, returns home after a traditional “rest” at the beer stall. It is unusual that he comes blindfolded to his house, in the company of a stranger who knows his address from somewhere...

From the window of the apartment there is a "magnificent view" of the house where Andrei's ex-wife lives with her new husband. This is followed by a series of even more interesting events and coincidences. And it becomes obvious that in the whirlwind of life events, a person is only a puppet in the hands of fate. But the end of his story is still given to him to choose for himself.

"I was struck by the degree of frankness with which the characters communicate with each other. Moreover, this frankness does not arise out of nowhere, as in most modern plays, it is very logical. There are two diametrically opposite people: a man and a woman who belong to different generations... They have a huge difference in worldviews, but they have an intuitive desire to understand each other. The two loneliness are close and can even agree among themselves. But each of them is a hostage of the world, the environment in which he lives. They both change after this meeting, reveal each other ..."

(Oksana Glazunova, book "Vadim Levanov in Memoirs" , V. Smirnov Literary Agency, 2019)


Elena Sanina

Alexander Minin

Maxim Dreamling


Production and scenography - Oksana Glazunova

The author of the final musical theme - Roman Kalimbet

Since 2005


Photos - Ilya Ushak, Elena Georgievskaya