Born March 17, 1983 in Moscow.

1999-2000 - directing courses of the theater at the State Academy of Theater Arts (GITIS), workshop of Professor Oleg Kudryashov 


2009 - graduated from Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, the faculty of directing and mastery of the actor, the workshop of the Professor of Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation Galina Kalashnikova

2013-2014 - courses of the School of Creative Entrepreneurs at the Department of Culture of Moscow.

2019 - passed training on the "Technique of the actor" at the Mikhail Chekhov School of Technology "Chekhov Players", workshop of Jobst Langhans and Elizabeth Taraba (Das Michail Tschechow Studio Berlin).

Since 2009 - founder and head of the chamber "Theater 31" in Moscow.

The theater’s performances were held at leading theater venues in Moscow, such as the Center named after Meyerhold Center, Bakhrushin Theater Museum, Central House of Journalists, Theater-Club "Workshop".

In 2015, the Theater of 31's own stage was opened in the center of Moscow on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, where in just two years 3 premiere performances were released, more than 60 repertoire performances were played, and the Theater Training Laboratory was founded.

Theater performances were marked by diplomas and letters of appreciation from international theater festivals .


2020 - 2021 - author and teacher of the advanced training course for psychologists, educators and specialists in related professions "Acting as a tool of therapy. Practical training".

The biography of Oksana Glazunova was included in the International Encyclopedia of the Hubners Publishing House (Switzerland), Biographical Encyclopedia of Successful People of Russia, for her contribution to the development of world culture and art.

Since 2015 - the author of individual trainings in oratory and acting. Leading workshops on directing and theater pedagogy.

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Director's work:

2005 - “Artemis with a Doe” Vadim Levanov

2006 - “Crime” based on Jean Genet's "Maids”

2007 - “Emigrants” Slavomir Mrozhek

2009 - "Scream" based on the play of Tennessee Williams (chamber "Theater 31")

2010 - "Sadko" based on the Novgorod epics (Independent literary project)

2011 - “Artemis with a Doe” based on the play by Vadim Levanov (chamber “Theater 31”)

2011 - “Everything is paid” based on the play by Yves Jamiak “Amilkar or The Man Who Pays” (chamber “Theater 31”)

2013 - "The Fifth Stage"  literary and plastic mono-performance based on the texts of the authors of the XX century (chamber “Theater 31”)

2014 - “Artemis with a Doe” based on the play by Vadim Levanov (u pdated version, chamber “Theater 31”)

2014 - “Scream” based on the play of Tennessee Williams (updated edition, chamber “Theater 31”)

2014 - “DE SADE” based on the play by Yukio Mishima and biographical studies of the life of Alfons de Sade (chamber “Theater 31”)

2015 - “Alice’s New Year Adventure” based on the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll (chamber “Theater 31”)

2016 - “Ghosts” by Oksana Glazunova according to English Gothic stories (chamber “Theater 31”)

2016 - “The Little Witch” based on the fairy tale by Otfried Preussler (chamber “Theater 31”)


2018 - Concert show "Anamnesis" (multimedia production of the concept album of the art rock band "Felidae" )

2019 - Theatrical and musical performance "Black Man" based on the poem by Sergey Yesenin (project by Anna Yerilina).

2020 - The official video for the song "Fallen Angel" by the art-rock band "Felidae" (cover of the song by Nautilus Pompilius)