"Пятая стадия 2.0"
"Пятая стадия 2.0"
"Пятая стадия 2.0"
"Пятая стадия 2.0"
"Пятая стадия 2.0"
"Пятая стадия 2.0"
"Пятая стадия 2.0"



Literary-plastic composition according to the texts of the authors of the XX century:

Marina Tsvetaeva, Igor Severyanin, Andrey Dementyev, Elena Ryvina, Konstantin Balmont, Victoria Tokareva, Veronika Tushnova.


A piercing story of love, meeting and parting, told by the words of the great Russian authors of the twentieth century.

The combination of poetic text and plastic drama.

«Fifth stage. 2.0» is a lyrical performance about love, meeting and parting.

This is a story told modernly and vividly, understandable and close to everyone who loved…

Five stages of living loss: denial, aggression, bargaining, depression, acceptance.

Acceptance - the fifth stage.

Sadness and regrets is part of life. And like everything in life, it has its beginning, development and end. The moments of tears will bring consolation and you will mentally return to all the good that was in the past. Return strength, joy, desire to live.

«Fifth stage. 2.0» - light and life-affirming performance, it gives hope!

«The birth of love, parting, the fury of loss and humility, and much later and the release of the heart from the pain of the past feeling...»

Director Oksana Glazunova about the play:

In the life of every person, love is the most vivid and significant experience, especially unrequited love. In working on this performance, it was important for me to convey the naivety and simplicity of this story, so that in the final there was a pure catharsis of love. The action begins from the moment of entering the auditorium, and the space of the stage is the inner world of the heroine, in which there is everything important for her: joyful and sad memories, touching moments, dreams, hopes, disappointments. All five stages the test of love is each of us and to some it brings enlightenment, and someone destroys. But being destroyed is not bad, it gives you the opportunity to be born again.

Actress - Elena Sanina

Production and scenography - Oksana Glazunova

Production of plastics - Anton Volkov

Since 2013


Photos - Ilya Ushak, Olesya Solnechnaya

  • In 2013, Theater 31 with the performance of the Fifth Stage took part in a cultural exchange program between Russia and Ukraine, performing on tour in Kiev.

  • In 2015, the performance of the “Fifth Stage” took part in the festival “City History”, organized by the Moscow Government and the Moscow Youth Multifunctional Center. The performance was highly appreciated for its contribution to the development of the cultural life of the city of Moscow.