"Де Сад"
"Де Сад"
"Де Сад"

Photo by - Tatyana Petelina


based on the play by Y. Mishima "Marquise de Sade" and

biographical studies of the life and work of the Marquis de Sade.


The author and director of the play Oksana Glazunova conducted a detailed biographical study, in her own way rethinking the life and work of the marquise. The real facts of his biography are revealed on the stage from different points of view, distorted and interpreted by each character in his own way.

But the viewer will have to independently answer the question: where is the line between a living person and a myth?



Mrs. de Montreux - Anna Putilovskaya

Renee - Galina Atamanova

Anna - Elena Sanina

Angel (Baroness de Simian) - Anna Martirosova

Demon (Countess de Saint-Fonds) - Ruslan Belyaev


Text and Production - Oksana Glazunova

Scenography - Oksana Glazunova

Artist - Elena Sanina

Sound Recording and Processing - Vinsent VH


2014 - present