Seminars "Theater Directing and Pedagogy"

Oksana Glazunova and Elena Sanina, heads and teachers of 31 LAB, the theater's educational laboratory, held a series of seminars on "Theater directing and Pedagogy" for theater teachers, teachers of additional education and leaders of youth theater groups.

Workshop Program:
- goals and objectives of the theater studio
- features of teaching and creating performances in a theater studio
- differences in work in a professional and amateur theater groups

- development of the basic skills of the actor and their relationship
- praxis (classical and original exercises for training in acting)


"Fallen Angel"

Stage Director: Oksana Glazunova.
Camera work, installation and color grading: Lissa Fox.
Makeup and props: Ira Reutsoy, Asya Bekchan, Evgenia Fen.
Production of plastics: Elena Sanina.

Thanks for the help in preparing the shootings and on the set: Daniil Pribylov, Dmitry Sulmanov, Evgenia Fen.

Participated in the work on the track:
Recording: JustStudio, YUR studio, Osinsky Recording Studio, MIR recording studio.
Mixing and mastering: Roman Arsafes.

Theatrical and musical performance

"Black Man"

"This project came about as a result of my long and fruitful collaboration with the art rock band Felidae.
I must say that my love of rock music was carefully carried by me through my youth. And directing concerts and performances is not only painstaking creative work, but also a special kind of pleasure.
Initially, rock music and theater are strongly connected with each other. In music - starting with performances by The Doors and Kiss and continuing with contemporary performers Marilin Mansion, Rummstein and Slipknot. And theatrical scenes were enriched by the popular and beloved by many genre of rock opera, the most famous of which is "Jesus Christ is a superstar."
I think that these two areas in art will continue to interact, developing each other in parallel. And to be a direct participant and creator of this process is very interesting "Oksana Glazunova 03/05/2020

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Concert show "Anamnesis" by art rock band Felidae

Anamnesis is a concept album, a single story told in nine songs. The protagonist, on behalf of whom the whole story goes, is experiencing an extremely difficult life situation and is looking for a way out of it. Although the outside world is both the main reason and the catalyst for what is happening, the action itself takes place, first of all, in the soul of the hero, so in essence this album is a musical soliloquy the length of a whole record. Therefore, we called it art rock mono-opera.

Although “Anamnesis” is a single story, we tried to make the songs quite tenacious and as independent units, while endowing each with its own character. We do not like to be constrained by narrow genres, defining our music as art rock, so the sound is quite diverse. If you still try to characterize it, the genre of this particular album is shifted to the classic progressive hard rock ..."

(From the official announcement of the group Felidae, 11.2018)

The Anamnesis concert show is an alloy of music, dramatic performance, lighting effects, and video projections, including animation and graphics. Work on its production for me, as for a theater director, is a new and interesting creative experience. Anaméz is large-scale work, it involves a lot of specialists and each brings their own ideas into a single concept of the show. It’s wonderful when so many people are united by a common desire to create a bright and emotional action filled with meaning"

(Oksana Glazunova, 12/02/2018)