"Крик" Т. Уильямс
"Крик" Т. Уильямс
"Крик" Т. Уильямс

Photo by - Victoria Struz


Tennessee Williams (translated by Victor Denisov)

Mystical drama in one action.

Two young people - a brother and a sister - were locked up in an abandoned theater. To get out of there they will have to unravel the mystery of the terrible suicide of their parents. However, for this you need to be alive yourself ...

The play, based on one of the most mysterious plays of world drama, the author considered it the pinnacle of his work.


Actors and performers:

Felice - Anton Volkov

Claire - Elena Sanina


Production and set design - Oksana Glazunova

Artist - Elena Sanina

Plastic - Anton Volkov


2009 - present